don, fun

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4 years ago
If Darryl dies I'm done with the show
4 years ago
Deral owns the place. Fucking bad ass.
14 hours ago
Yea in every zombie apocalypse I've been a part of. The red neck gets so much respect
4 days ago
So they fuck their cousins to repopulate
7 days ago
There's no sisters to fuck tho. So they can't repopulate
10 days ago
But it wont happen
11 days ago
And then we still make fun of the redneck for actually thinking a zombie apocalypse is going to happen.
13 days ago
Yep that is so true
16 days ago
I'd be in an apocalypse with him any day
16 days ago
It's because rednecks can make a sniper rifle out of soup cans and duct tape
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