don, fun

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4 years ago
If Darryl dies I'm done with the show
4 years ago
Deral owns the place. Fucking bad ass.
10 hours ago
Me: what should we do. Redneck: I need a some booze, a chainsaw, and a stuffed bear. Me:Whatever. You're the redneck.
20 hours ago
But we all know the zombie apocalypse is not real
11 days ago
You do all realize this show is fake, and an event like a zombie apocalypse will never happen.
15 days ago
You forgot to # repost # unoriginal
17 days ago
This shit hella old
18 days ago
19 days ago
Bikinis, Zuchinins, Martinis, No Weenies - Snoop Doggy Dog
20 days ago
Then they just go around a rape and kill everyone
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