don, fun

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4 years ago
If Darryl dies I'm done with the show
4 years ago
Deral owns the place. Fucking bad ass.
a day ago
Has anyone else noticed that Darrel looks like a kid in the first season and a hot adult now
a day ago
Yee yee
6 days ago
Shut the fuck up kendall
7 days ago
Gatta LTRN
11 days ago
At no point was he portrayed as a redneck. Just a guy from the south with mad survival skills. You carhart wearing, cone billed hat wearing, $21k daddy's wallet lifted truck having wannabes need to quit creaming over camo and duct tape like it's a goddamn religion. Fucking delirious pussies.
12 days ago
He gonna die lmao😂
14 days ago
Well you rednecks are the only ones who believe in a zombie apocalypse
18 days ago
Damn i cringed so hard when i saw meryls hand on the ground with a saw next to it
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