The progression of the Warner Brothers logo further on into the Harry Potter series.

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3 years ago
After year two the logo turned to harder drugs.
3 years ago
Is it bad that I knew all these were from Harry Potter before I got to the bottom?
3 days ago
That's kinda like how my life has gone so far
4 days ago
As you can see class, as the logo deteriorated hermionie's hotness went up. We can only make the assumption that because of her hotness the metal started to melt and rust and will eventually keel over and die
4 days ago
Emo teenage years
9 days ago
WB games is ass
10 days ago
After the 2nd year the logo switched to harder drugs
11 days ago
Meth. Not even once
13 days ago
Before and after meth
15 days ago
Basically sums up my semester
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