"Wasn't sure which villain to go as from "The Dark Knight Trilogy"...so why not all six of them?"

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3 years ago
Ras Al Gul (blue flower) Bane (mask) Two face (suit) Joker (hair and face) Scarecrow (face) Talia Al Gul (bomb detonator) That's all 6!
3 years ago
Brb, gonna go regret my now lame choice of halloween costume
13 days ago
God damn where do I get one of those
13 days ago
All i see is trump?
20 days ago
He kinda looks like the winter soldier with the joker in the bane mask
22 days ago
I was thinking the left side was Falconi, not Talia Al Ghul. But the bomb detonator makes sense to be her now that I look at it.
22 days ago
Is that killer crock down the middle of his face
25 days ago
What's Batman?
a month ago
I dont remember talia al gul. Which movie was she from
a month ago
i was about to ask who's the teddy bear but then I realized it was scarecrow
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