"Wasn't sure which villain to go as from "The Dark Knight Trilogy"...so why not all six of them?"

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3 years ago
Ras Al Gul (blue flower) Bane (mask) Two face (suit) Joker (hair and face) Scarecrow (face) Talia Al Gul (bomb detonator) That's all 6!
3 years ago
Brb, gonna go regret my now lame choice of halloween costume
5 days ago
Scarecrow looks like that lesbian from doctor who
7 days ago
I could of swore I saw Trump in there.
9 days ago
You people don't know how to read, do you?
9 days ago
Kinda looks like trump
10 days ago
He forgot the penguin and the riddler
11 days ago
This is just a repost
15 days ago
He looks like immortan joe
19 days ago
But what about pinguin, clay face and the riddler
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