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2 years ago
*Mom asks me to pick up 50 shades of gray for her* *brings back 50 Home Depo gray paint samples*
2 years ago
I'm a guy and I've read all of these except fifty shade of grey. 0.0
2 hours ago
It's true, Twilight SUCKS.
2 hours ago
Percy Jackson one isn't true chronos cannot be a hero
11 hours ago
Holy grail you read a lot of books
15 hours ago
See I would agree but it includes the hunger games and a worse version of the hunger games known as divergent.
a day ago
Jk nothing I don't read
2 days ago
What's a book
2 days ago
The catcher in the rye was a good book
2 days ago
I got half way through reading that and realized I hate books
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