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2 years ago
*Mom asks me to pick up 50 shades of gray for her* *brings back 50 Home Depo gray paint samples*
2 years ago
I'm a guy and I've read all of these except fifty shade of grey. 0.0
a day ago
Game of thrones: Everyone you love with die horribly
3 days ago
What books have taught me: blue=sad
4 days ago
It's such a good book
5 days ago
Lotr should be here
6 days ago
Did anyone else absolutely hate the 2nd Percy Jackson series besides "The Lost Hero"? I mean Rick Riordan couldn't decide wether he wanted to make it a teen love drama story, or a kids fantasy series
8 days ago
Wow I should start reading
10 days ago
Why is the catcher in the rye cover thing a troll
10 days ago
Hunger games/Harry potter have taught me it is possible to escape the friend zone
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