What books have taught me

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a year ago
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*Mom asks me to pick up 50 shades of gray for her* *brings back 50 Home Depo gray paint samples*
a year ago
I'm a guy and I've read all of these except fifty shade of grey. 0.0
16 hours ago
Catcher in the Rye: Motivation for John Lennon's death
20 hours ago
Thank you
21 hours ago
Book thief is my fav. Book
a day ago
I am a guy and have read 50 shades of gray. I regret nothing.
2 days ago
Why the fuck is fault in our stars "death cannot stop love." That would be "The Princess Bride." Uncultured swine!
2 days ago
I'm the only brotha that's gonna admit this but Percy Jackson is my shit
2 days ago
Well that escalated quickly
3 days ago
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