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3 years ago
Teacher: put your phone down Me: oh hell no have you tried getting a top comment before And thats how am ik detention
3 years ago
I wonder how many twinkies are left in the world
13 hours ago
If you look at it backwards it's a sad guy who miss reads his friends looks and then excepts his fate.
5 days ago
I wonder if I can pull out from a black hole
12 days ago
I don't get it
16 days ago
Every time would look at the next frame, i would think that the tv was tilting more and more to the floor
25 days ago
PepsiPepsiPepsiPepsiPepsiPepsiCokePepsiPepsiPepsiPepsiPepsiPepsiPepsiPepsiPepsiPepsiPepsiPepsiPepsiPepsiPepsiPepsi. Day 4: they still suspect nothing
25 days ago
a month ago
Did anyone else see the word cyanide at the bottom
a month ago
My life in a nutshell
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