Give it 10 years.

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2 years ago
yea but he will always have that fucking haircut lol
2 years ago
If i had two bullets and I was in a room with Osama bin Laden and Hitler I would shoot tobu twice - Michael Scott
2 days ago
dammit toby
4 days ago
I actually heard that 10 years later you would look different.
4 days ago
People like "Damn. That's an old ass honkey."
5 days ago
I always felt bad for Toby he's like ,Gary,jerry, or Lary from parks and rec
7 days ago
"If I was in a room with Osama bin Laden, Hitler, and Toby, and had a gun with two shits, I'd shoot Toby twice"
14 days ago
Fuck you toby
20 days ago
Looks like my band director
21 days ago
More like a year and a half at the rate his career is going.
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