Batman is the best superhero

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a year ago
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No matter what, batman will never be as big of a sarcastic asshole like iron man. You lose.
a year ago
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Okay. Tell me. What does Batman have on Spider-Man? Or The Incredible Hulk? Or Thor?
4 hours ago
This still doesn't help me with my Algebra homework...
4 hours ago
11 hours ago
Lol, still not a super hero
12 hours ago
Superman is powered by the sun?
14 hours ago
Bitch Please. It's Tony Stark. You don't think he's already built an anti EMP field generator? Psh.
19 hours ago
The fact that he's only "better" when the others are disabled means that's he's not
a day ago
Goku, you can't forget goku
a day ago
Im all Superman
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