Batman is the best superhero

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a year ago
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No matter what, batman will never be as big of a sarcastic asshole like iron man. You lose.
a year ago
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Okay. Tell me. What does Batman have on Spider-Man? Or The Incredible Hulk? Or Thor?
3 days ago
What bout green arrow??
13 days ago
The iron man without armor is stupid cuz the light or whatever it's cAlled is built into his chest
16 days ago
spiderman, all you marvel douches need "superpower"s to be "cool" where BATMAN its just naturally a BADASS
17 days ago
No matter what batman will never be playboy like iron man
17 days ago
take away his training and then he is a man. plus he paid for that training so when you took away money you took his training away to asshole
17 days ago
Also I thought it said batmeth at the start
17 days ago
I'm clearly the best like the man said
17 days ago
What about Goku or Deadpool
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