Batman is the best superhero

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a year ago
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No matter what, batman will never be as big of a sarcastic asshole like iron man. You lose.
a year ago
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Okay. Tell me. What does Batman have on Spider-Man? Or The Incredible Hulk? Or Thor?
32 minutes ago
Oh yeah I'll just take out the sun, u know I do that everyday
2 hours ago
Yeah cause beating two super heroes makes him the best
2 hours ago
I totally agree but it is fair to point out that he has extreme psychological problems because of his parents murder
3 hours ago
Remember that iron man created an element in his spare time
6 hours ago
But, if tony stark lost the suit he would grab random things off the ground and science them into a death ray or nuke.
16 hours ago
You missed some thing batman+ parents = no mma
a day ago
If you take away the sun everyone fucking dies
a day ago
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