This is why Batman is the best superhero.

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3 years ago
No matter what, batman will never be as big of a sarcastic asshole like iron man. You lose.
3 years ago
Okay. Tell me. What does Batman have on Spider-Man? Or The Incredible Hulk? Or Thor?
8 hours ago
Most retarded pieces of shits are the Batmans fans that can't admit that he loses all his mash ups. Like wtf? The argument "if they didn't have powers" seriously? That's retarded if he didn't have powers then he'd be beating up civilians.
11 hours ago
Ummm... You really think Tony wouldn't make his suit inveunerable to emp??? It does not run on electricity dummy.
19 hours ago
a day ago
The only reason batman can fight is because he used his money to train in Nepal u took that away u lose
a day ago
Both Batman and deadpool are overrated.
a day ago
But without the sun batman dies. But superman stays alive therefore he is the best out of these.
a day ago
But green arrow is still better even with that logic
2 days ago
Batman wouldn't instantly beat Superman just because he has a tiny bit of kryptonite. You're telling me that Kryptonite Man, a man made entirely out of kryptonite, can't beat Superman, but Batman has a ring that's 10 centimeters squared so Superman will be instantly incapacitated and crippled!
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