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2 years ago
Well first my teacher has to figure out how to get the video playing.
2 years ago
When the teacher hands you the test
2 days ago
And they can't figure out the audio, and they don't close/skip the YouTube ads, and they leave it on AutoPlay after it's over and have "no idea where the sound is coming from"
3 days ago
I have an OCD attack every time
7 days ago
The teachers in their 30s or younger know how to
8 days ago
When the projector is turned sideways ME: *screaming hysterically in my head*
a year ago
ODD kicks in
a year ago
And they say its bad reseloution even though you can change it
a year ago
Of when she puts the close captioning. I am more focused on the words than the actual video.
a year ago
I was looking at my teachers favorites.....and I saw weight watchers!
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