teacher, won, cursor

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2 years ago
Well first my teacher has to figure out how to get the video playing.
2 years ago
When the teacher hands you the test
20 hours ago
The worst is when the teacher can't click on the allow button after moving to full screen
7 days ago
I asked my teacher to move it once and he did and every time we watch a video he looks at me then moves the mouse
9 days ago
Once you see it's there, you can't unsee it.
11 days ago
I just say two of this guys features in a row on shuffle... Not sure how I feel about that.
12 days ago
And they say "write down notes"
15 days ago
Also when she doesn't put it on full screen 🙄🙄
17 days ago
When you act up in class so the teacher calls your parents but you gave her the number for pizza hut
19 days ago
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