A 4 year old boy died of cancer, his name was Gabe Lyall and his family dressed like this to honor him.

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2 years ago
I am completely speechless. Looking through ifunny and seeing this has brought tears to my eyes. It makes me proud to be from such a wonderful town. Gabe was a superhero and he truly did touch peoples hearts, not just from our hometown, but around the country. <3 R.I.P.
2 years ago
We've been praying for this kid in my bible study group. I knew he had passed away, and even though it's sad, I'm glad to see this here. May he rest in peace 😢
a day ago
Fucking dc and marvel don't belong together
4 days ago
Why nightingale? That seems only specific
5 days ago
God bless him rest in peace
5 days ago
That's so sad man it takes a lot to make me cry and I'm bawling
5 days ago
It's always sad when the parent outlives the child
7 days ago
To the family, I am sorry.
8 days ago
That's awesome what they did
8 days ago
Kid was smart he like the Miles Morales Spider-Man
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