A 4 year old boy died of cancer, his name was Gabe Lyall and his family dressed like this to honor him.

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3 years ago
I am completely speechless. Looking through ifunny and seeing this has brought tears to my eyes. It makes me proud to be from such a wonderful town. Gabe was a superhero and he truly did touch peoples hearts, not just from our hometown, but around the country. <3 R.I.P.
3 years ago
I hate seeing tiny coffins 😢
2 hours ago
The smallest coffins are always the heaviest to carry.
5 hours ago
He was 4 tho...
a day ago
Marvel and DC coming together for greatness
a day ago
Next the family will dress up in gorilla suits
3 days ago
Rest in peace ✌
4 days ago
It breaks my heart to see tiny coffins r.i.p little man
5 days ago
Rest in peace
5 days ago
I came here to laugh not to feel😢😭
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