A 4 year old boy died of cancer, his name was Gabe Lyall and his family dressed like this to honor him.

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2 years ago
The feels are real
2 years ago
This is that most awesome thing ever
5 hours ago
R.I.P Gabe Lyall. March 18th, 2009- November 9th, 2013
7 hours ago
The front one on the left is actually Spiderman
2 days ago
This is so cute😊😔☺️
3 days ago
My mom hasnt signed the permission slip for the feels trip
4 days ago
I hate to be a bitch but the Spider-Man in that costume is supposed to be black
4 days ago
When you have a movie to act in at 5:00 but a funeral at 4:30
4 days ago
No coffin should ever have to be that small
5 days ago
So Sorry
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