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3 years ago
2 years ago
I'm always terrified I'll run into my fifth grade teacher... I took her pen on the last day of school and i think I'm going to Hell for it...
2 days ago
When teachers see the asshole/Comedian in public...
9 days ago
What movie I remember seeing this but from where
12 days ago
Most of you chumps are here sayin "you have no power here" and I'm like let's get dark. CAST IT INTO THE FIRE!
23 days ago
When I see my teachers at home
24 days ago
You have no power here!
a month ago
Am I the only one who sees Cartman, Kyle, and Stan hiding from the sixth graders in this picture?
a month ago
I too turn into a horse when a teacher approaches.
a month ago
I saw something totally different in that picture
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