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2 years ago
I wouldn't even be in the picture
2 years ago
a day ago
I work at giant eagle and yesterday i saw my geometry teacher from last year, and my algebra 2 teacher from this year.....i felt like i was having an affair
2 days ago
One time I saw my teacher at the store and she was looking the other direction and I was staring at her trying to see if it was her, then she turned her head towards me and I turned the other way and walked away
23 days ago
Hey guys what movie is that
23 days ago
If my teacher sees anyone in my class at the store, she gives them extra homework
a month ago
That's rape
2 months ago
More like "you have no power here"
2 months ago
"Sit your gonna have to leave there are no horses allowe- *gets stabbed* IM ONE OF THE KINGS BIATCH
2 months ago
Nope. I saw a teacher that I am friends with at Food Lion, and I literally flipped out from excitement!!! I love teachers!!!
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