How traffic works when commuting from a country that drives on the left side of the road to a country that drives on the right

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10 months ago
I wonder what happenes when a dolphin or somethin jumps onto the lower part of the highway
2 years ago
thats what the government wants you to think
a day ago
The only place this would work is a huge bridge from the us to Greenland
a day ago
I mean, seams pretty simple. I feel like most people would assume it works like this.
a day ago
You mean the right and wrong side of the road you communist son of a bitch
2 days ago
But the drivers are on the wrong side
3 days ago
Wut if a fish goes into ur window and is like "Do u have time for our lord and savior?"
5 days ago
thats dope
5 days ago
So from any other country to America?
8 days ago
that would be so confusing
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