How traffic works when commuting from a country that drives on the left side of the road to a country that drives on the right

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2 years ago
thats what the government wants you to think
5 months ago
I wonder what happenes when a dolphin or somethin jumps onto the lower part of the highway
an hour ago
Understand i do not.
3 days ago
How many cars just drove off the road
3 days ago
And by right you mean correct
6 days ago
Where is this?
7 days ago
Theres also a thing called a divergent diamond in the USA theres about 3 right now where you travel on the opposite side of the road. I only know about it because one of them is in Michigan close to where i live and use it regularly
10 days ago
14 days ago
Or they could just merge
a month ago
Ive always thought the same
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