Deadpool the movie

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a year ago
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i hope this is real i want to see this
a year ago
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But but...he played the green won't be the same
10 hours ago
It's to be released in 2016, while a green lantern reboot is sometime around 2018-2019
13 hours ago
Sadly its not coming, the producers were an independent company and did not get the "Okay" from Marvel
18 hours ago
Isn't Ryan Reynolds gay tho?
19 hours ago
this is real now
a day ago
Fake poster but a deadpool pool movie is being released around 2016 or so
a day ago
Fake fake fake omg fake!!!
2 days ago
This better be freaking real. OMG it has to be
2 days ago
Deadpool and green lantern could never possibly meet eachother
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