My teacher knows

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a year ago
Since she brought in doughnuts that probably means she is on ifunny. Watch this get featured, then she'll see this
a year ago
He knows.
16 hours ago
I'm upset that I know the name of every donut they bought.. This is what happens when you work at Dunkin Donuts
3 days ago
My teacher did that today
4 days ago
My teacher gives us donuts every time he makes a mistake
5 days ago
Well at least she brought donuts😭
6 days ago
Donuts and less class time unfair
9 days ago
Unless one of your classmates is pregnant and randomly carries a teachers ID card then I think this is fake
9 days ago
And not one person was mad at him
10 days ago
I would have sabotage the teacher to come later everyday
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