So my teacher was late to school today

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2 years ago
Since she brought in doughnuts that probably means she is on ifunny. Watch this get featured, then she'll see this
2 years ago
He knows.
3 days ago
And I ain't even mad
4 days ago
So you take a picture?
7 days ago
You brought your teacher doughnuts and then ate them cause she was late and took a picture? I don't know how or why this is funny...
7 days ago
I don't even get it?
8 days ago
Dunkin Deeznuts
10 days ago
I kno this is old but...did everyone in their class wear ponytail thingies on their wrists??
14 days ago
I bet the teacher is......John cena!!!!
20 days ago
so you cut donuts in half????
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