My teacher knows

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a year ago
Since she brought in doughnuts that probably means she is on ifunny. Watch this get featured, then she'll see this
a year ago
He knows.
6 hours ago
Anyone notice that no one took the black donut in either picture?
19 hours ago
we have that in my world history class
3 days ago
If your teacher doesn't show up for the first 15 minuets of class, you can legally leave school and go home.
3 days ago
I ain't even mad
3 days ago
This reminds me of the Life Hacks post: When running late, buy doughnuts! When you show up late, no one will care! You brought doughnuts!
4 days ago
Typing this with my left hand
8 days ago
I ain't even mad
10 days ago
Guessing he saw the feature
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