So my teacher was late to school today

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2 years ago
Since she brought in doughnuts that probably means she is on ifunny. Watch this get featured, then she'll see this
2 years ago
He knows.
12 hours ago
My Teacher Did The Same Thing Mostly Everday
3 days ago
I had a teacher that brought in doughnuts for the whole class every Thursday.
8 days ago
Eat these. Don't tell my boss
10 days ago
My teacher also did this!
12 days ago
Slices my teachers tires
15 days ago
But, my question is why are these people cutting them in half? Like, you mongrels never heard of eating a donut? Or is it a prank...?
18 days ago
That's a nice badge you have their probably has nothing to do with authority
23 days ago
Ariana grande would lick em all.
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