So my teacher was late to school today

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2 years ago
Since she brought in doughnuts that probably means she is on ifunny. Watch this get featured, then she'll see this
2 years ago
He knows.
5 days ago
and y is there a pregnant lady in the back. is she one of the students too
7 days ago
Haha guilt food
7 days ago
I hate when teachers are cheap fucks and give us only half a doughnut. It's like" bitch I want the whole thing"
7 days ago
Top comments is since she other top comment he knows xD
7 days ago
My band teacher was late on one of the last days of school and bought the whole class and the principal Starbucks
14 days ago
The question is, was he purposely late to get his class doughnuts or was he late already, getting doughnuts and making himself get there even later?
15 days ago
Stupid you can see the teacher the one in blue and white she has a badge on
21 days ago
Who cuts a doughnut in half
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