There are millions of mobile apps. And then there is iFunny :)

Unlike others, it doesn't ask for much. iFunny just gives you a smile when you most need it.

Even after being named TOP10 most popular apps in the US, iFunny stays humble and is ready for new heights. We still have to make the whole world smile.

Let iFunnyers do the talking:

Best way ever to ignore your teacher/boss. I mean, you deserve a break, don't you? Enjoy this one on iFunny.
This is single handedly the best entertainment app you could get beacause it's a lifesaver at boring places
Pyro es da way
I have had this app and I have to say it has ruined my life. I have been on the toilet for 14 hours now and I can't look away from my phone. I'm starving and can't open the lock. My hands are stuck and my thumbs are about to fall off. Send help fast.
Old geyser
Best app ever the whole world should have this app
Hands down the best and funniest app ever…
Leader Frostiee
Whenever I want to, I can be in a good mood because of this app! Thanks ifunny!
I can't poop without it
Valued user
Before I found ifunny, I was a young, exuberant energetic young man. But the day I found this app, my life changed. I now spend every waking minute in my underwear in my aunts basement waiting on the new features and trying to get through all that is the collective.. As we speak I haven't eaten in 6 days. If you are thinking about downloading this app.. Be cautious!
jason gomm
This app will go down in history as one of the greatest apps in history.
Ever since I downloaded this app I've become a lot weirder of a person. Sometimes I would put on my blue morph suit, climb a tree and become a blueberry, only to wonder whether blueberries grow on trees or bushes. Other times other times I would put on my horse head and break into a casino's horse race track to see if I could outrun the horses. So far I've won 0/23 races, but on the bright side, I've outran the security 18/23 times. It's a really fun app that encourages me to be myself. Thank you, ifunny.

It all started 2 years ago when I discovered this app! Now, my parents can't even look at me because my skin is so blindingly white from staying on iFunny in my room with my shades drawn. The townspeople refer to me as the smiling man, but I don't care!
Ashton Stowell s5 bvcs6b
Once you get this app it starts you can't stop I lost my wife, my kids, my job....I'm homeless now my phone won't work with out wifi and McDonald's won't let me use the wifi there anymore so now I move from McDonald's to Burger King....was it worth it? Yes...yes it is
Brings a smile to my face daily
If you take everything good about the internet and mash it all tougerher you get ifunny
Literally the best thing to do on the toilet. Ever.
I love iFunny mainly because it keeps me occupied while I'm taking a poop.
Probably the only app I can say that I have used for 6 straight hours
Okay I know it's sad, but it's so true! This app kept me going when I was down and made sure I laughed when I was down. It even listened to my problems! 😂 But serious, this app got me through my first two years of college and I'll keep me sane for the next six years to come.
I love this app it definitely kills your boredom!
This app keeps me more occupied than sex with a porcupine
Seriously, this is a gift that just keeps giving. If your ever bored, having a bad day, just wanna smile, I plead for you to get this app. It brings joy to the world and if I could ever meet the creator of the app, I would just say thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.
J.J Reddick.
Funniest app ever
If you don't have ifunny then you don't have a life! Get a life and download ifunny. Which you'll probably lose your life to it but in return you'll gain a new life. So don't be dump and be reincarnated into something better!
Music fanatic
Tell my family that I died while laughing.
ifunny is my #1 go to app whenever I use my phone. Love it!!
iFunny is my go-to app for entertainment 24/7. When I'm down, it's there for me. It lifts my spirits, makes me smile, and helps me through troubling times. It's the best cuddler, and makes a mean brisket. Holds my hair back when I'm sick, tells me I'm pretty, and makes love in the best way possible. iFunny is love. iFunny is life.
This app right here sent me to the hospital. How you ask? It was so funny my lungs flew out of my chest and my sides fell off. I recommend getting this if you wished to have your sides burst!
iFunny is an amazing app. It entertains me while I'm on the toilet and when I'm bored on FaceTime with my girlfriend, thanks ifunny for taking away my social life
I sat on my toilet for 3 hours before I realized I should have left 2 hours and 50 minutes before
This is one if gods best creations to ever grace my hand
Need a reason to laugh? IFunny is there. need to poop? ifunny is there. Ifunny. The way of the future
This application quadrupled my poop time.
Wesley Lawrence
I begin my day and end my day with ifunny.
donna wray
Ifunny is love, ifunny is life. When I'm feeling down and sad I whip out my phone and go onto the latest features and I immediately feel better. Ifunny helped me through depression and now I feel like I am apart of Ifunny it's self. If ifunny were to ever shutdown there simply would be no reason to live, it is my past, present and future. It is all of us. Ifunny is nature and is religion. When you download this app you are dubbed one if the prince/princesses of ifunny. It is a wonderful kingdom to live in and it has developed over the years. So do you want to be a ifunny prince/princesses If so all you have to do is click download and happiness is In your phone :)

This is the only app that I consistently use on a daily basis. Love it!
I <3 evil bunnies
This app is so friggin addictive, I honestly can't even think to dream what my life would be without this app.
Rocksteady ninja
Yes it's that good I sold my soul for it
A bad habit that I don't want to break.
iFunny has changed my life.
I recommend to get this app and have a smile on your face everytime you open it :)
I recommend this app to everyone who loves to spend time on there toilet looking at funny pics.
I can't believe it, an app that makes me laugh! You couldn't wish for a better app than this.
iFunny has been a part of my life for years now. Best App decision of my life.
I would leave an actual review but I'd rather get back on ifunny
guys good job you managed to keep a suicidal insane asylumic weirdo occupied for almost 3 years now and to think this all started after 2 red bulls some smoothies and backflips
I was on this app for an whole hour straight while sitting on the toilet, my mom had to check if wasn't dead or anything...great app tho. :)
I have never been so happy about breaking my leg...
This is my most used app! It is like mind candy. Whenever you have a minute, have a few laughs! A continual feed of funny.
Its like adding awesome sauce and amazing sauce and just pure, good, funny sauce!! Everything is perfectly, amazingly, funny!!!
Why does this app not have any awards yet. Like, ifunny is more famous than batman. FREAKING. BATMAN. Seriously this app is like Leonardo Dicaprio. So much talent packed into one single thing! Yet no awards.
I check ifunny every night before I fall asleep and it makes me sleep with a smile on my face (:
How can something so simple as funny pictures be so incredibly awesome!?
Many apps have come and gone on my phone. But ifunny has always stayed. I can't imagine life without it.
First app I download when I get a new iPhone or iPod.
Awsome rater21
I showed the app to my dad. He tells me about the new features before I even notice them.I think it might be the root of our economic issues.
Ifunny is literally the best app on the app store every time i open it up i am guaranteed a laugh i cant tell you how many awful days have been turned awesome because of something i have seen on here i recommend this app to every person in existence
By far, the best app ever. No other app is like it.
Yolo Kiwi
I am 16 years old, and have struggled with severe depression for as long as I can remember. On September 27th of last year, I attempted suicide and was pronounced dead for over 10 minutes. After waking up from a week long coma, I was shuttled to mental rehab where I spent the next six months. I was released on superbowl day. When I got home, I got my phone and decided to download a new app or two, as I didn't have any games or anything of the sort on it. Your App, iFunny, was the first one on the list of recommended that day. So I downloaded it. And from there on out, every time I feel a little depression coming on, or even if I'm just bored, your app has always been able to put a smile on my face. So thank you, iFunny team, for making the coolest young adult app on the market:)


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